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Ep. 2 Dr. Samantha Ross and Bridgette Schram ”Promoting Inclusion of Adults with Disabilities in Local Fitness Programs: A Needs Assessment”

February 7, 2022

This episode is an interview with Dr. Samantha Ross and her coauthor, Bridgette Schram, about their article entitled "Promoting Inclusion of Adults with Disabilities in Local Fitness Programs: A Needs Assessment." This article can be found in the most recent issue of DDNJ, Volume Two, Issue One. So, by way of introduction, Dr. Samantha Ross is an assistant professor in the Physical Education Teacher Education program within the College of Physical Activity and Sports Sciences at West Virginia University. Dr. Ross completed her doctoral training at Oregon State University, where she also received a Master of Public Health and Epidemiology. At Oregon State University, she served as coordinator for a peer mentor program partnering undergraduate students with adults with disabilities for weekly community-based physical activity. At WVU, she has partnered with the Center for Excellence in Disabilities to develop a peer-mentor Physical Activity and Health Program for post-secondary students with intellectual disabilities. Her goal as a researcher and an educator is to enhance the participation and opportunities of individuals with disabilities within physical activity and sport programs.  I'm also joined today by Bridget Schramm. Bridget is a doctoral student in Public Health at Georgia State University, and she is also a graduate research assistant at the UCEDD at Georgia State, the Center for Leadership in disability. Bridget was a lead trainee in the 2020/2021 cohort and is active in the American Public Health Association Disability Section where she served as the student liaison. Bridget's research explores health disparities faced by people with disabilities, particularly examining how society constructs disabling environments that may prevent access and participation in the social determinants of health. Bridgette is also interested in the development and evaluation of community-based programs that support inclusive participation. She often applies these ideas and concepts to physical activity environments, which is supported by her master's in Kinesiology and her experience teaching and coaching individuals of all abilities.


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